This is Not a Love Story

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((OoC notes: I drafted this as a Love is in the Air themed fanfic/post a few years back, but I never got around to finishing it. I don’t feel like waiting until next year to post this, so here we go. This is purely speculative/wishful-thinking/what-if word vomit, so please try not to throw a hissy fit if it has no place in WoW canon or your personal fanon about Sylvanas.))


When he approached me that morning, the locks framing his face were slightly disheveled, and his boots stained with mud. It was obvious he rushed to see me right after patrol duty. He was never one to let his vanity distract him while he was on the job, but he often took great pains to keep his hair pristine when he wasn’t.

He flashed me one of his mischievous, lopsided smiles when his hands, rough and calloused from constantly wielding a bow or a blade, caught my wrist and slid something onto it.  It was a delicate bracelet made of carefully-knotted twine, with tiny blue and white blossoms. I stared at him with a mixture of confusion and shock before realizing what day it was. He winked and put a finger to his lips in a shushing gesture before stepping back and hurrying away, as though he had committed some secret little crime.

The bracelet wasn’t made of sparkling baubles or shiny silver, but I thought it was one of the prettiest gifts I ever received. And it fit my wrist perfectly. I kept it on the rest of the day, ignoring my siblings’ questioning looks and not bothering to wear any of the other bracelets I received. I even set aside some of the little flowers, to press them in one of my journals before they wilted. 

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Return to Cyberspace

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Hello, online world. It’s been a while.

I’m too lazy to write a full-fledged blog post, but here’s what’s been going on so far:

  • Completing your life’s goal makes you look at life (or unlife, as it were) in an entirely different way.
  • …for that matter, dying AGAIN makes you at (un)life in an entirely different way.
  • Koltira is one hell of a stubborn motherfucker who happens to be infatuated with Thassarian. I grew up surrounded by men who batted for the other team, but this whole bromance thing they’ve got going on is kind of disturbing.
  • I’m glad to see Lor’themar back in action and being more of the badass I remember from my days as Ranger-General. I was afraid he was becoming more of a pansy after hanging around the likes of Rommath for so long.
  • Don’t get me started on the mess with the trolls and orcs.
  • I’ve been active on Twitter again.
  • I am also active on Tumblr now. It’s an oddly fun way to pass time.

I’ve got better things to do than muck about on cyberspace, but I will probably make a little time for it every so often. I admit that I did miss all the hullaballoo that comes with being active online.

Apologies and poetry battles

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I know I haven’t been around for a while, and I apologize. I’ve been busy with a great many things, preparations for the assault on Icecrown Citadel and dealing with the numerous complaints about the Kor’kon Overseers’ blatant discrimination among them. Being courteous to bastards who are a breath away from spitting in your people’s faces or possibly slaughtering them for just blinking the wrong way is no small feat.

To cool my temper down, I did some rereading over at my Twitter account to find some of the amusing conversations I had, and one dialogue that particularly stood out was the one I had with – of all people – Genn Greymane. The man (beast?) proved that even he can be a good sport once in a while.

thebansheequeen: Thank you, Matthew Rossi, for emphasizing how badass I am compared to @JainaProudmoore.
Genn_Greymane: @thebansheequeen You are much more badass than that traitor cheerleader.
thebansheequeen: @Genn_Greymane What’s this? A compliment from *you*, Greymane? I’m flattered. Shall I send over some dog biscuits to show my appreciation?
Genn_Greymane:  @thebansheequeen I’d be flattered if you’d bring them by yourself. I’ll bring a nice sharp “knife” so we can share.
thebansheequeen: @Genn_Greymane How very sweet of you. Here I thought I’d have to “share” with a defenseless, unarmed old mutt. That wouldn’t be very fair.
Genn_Greymane: @thebansheequeen Speaking of sweet I wrote you a poem. “I may be old and have arthritis but at least I’m not dead” It’s a work in progress.
thebansheequeen: @Genn_Greymane I have a better one for you: I may be blue-hued, dead, and cold, but it sure beats being mangy, demented, and old.
Genn_Greymane:  @thebansheequeen M’lady you truly are verbal master. I know when I’ve been beaten. I’ll retreat from this battle. It has been enjoyable.
thebansheequeen: @Genn_Greymane Thank you for being a good sport, Greymane. And no, I’m not being sarcastic this time. *smiles and bows*
Genn_Greymane: @thebansheequeen *bows deeply* Anytime M’lady.

Perhaps more battles between the Alliance and Horde could be done through poetry battles instead? I do enjoy my share of bloodshed, but poetry battles would definitely lessen the resource costs.

Lessons in Tolerance

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This is the first of what will hopefully be many entries documenting what I remember about my life in Quel’thalas. There are just some moments that need to be documented somewhere out of sheer sentimentality and for the sake of my sanity.

“Ranger-General, a moment?”

Fifteen rangers were training under me that day. They all lowered their bows with confused looks on their faces, and abruptly dropped down on their knees upon seeing our guest. I called out to them ordered them to continue their practice. A long pause followed my order, but they reluctantly stood and obeyed. I turned to greet our surprise visitor with a low bow and a respectful smile.

“To what do I owe this pleasant interruption, Prince Kael’thas?”

“Lady Windrunner,” he said, a practiced half-smile gracing his lips. “My father believed it fit that I come and… observe the Farstriders’ activities.”

I nodded. “I see. Then you’ve come just in time. We’ve just begun some archery drills with the newest members of the order.”

The young prince said nothing, looking over the row of Farstriders firing at targets several yards away. His eyes visibly widened as he sucked in a hissing breath upon spotting the very last ranger in the row.

“Lady Windrunner,” he scoffed, “You cannot be serious about that one being one of our rangers.”

I eyed the ranger calmly.  “Of course I’m serious, your highness. He’s the most skilled ranger in this group, and one of the best pupils I have ever had.”

“But he’s human.”

I ignored him. “His name is Nathanos Marris, your highness. He’s a superb archer, outclassing even some of our veterans. He’s excellent at close-range combat, and has exemplary beast mastery skills–”

And then the prince practically spat the words out for all to hear. “But he’s human.

The awkward silence that followed was shattered by the loud twang of a taut bowstring breaking. Nathanos’. He grit his teeth, bowed swiftly in my direction, and hurriedly strode off to replace the string. The other Farstriders began whispering among themselves, some obviously irritated by the interruption, and the others snickering at Nathanos’ retreat.

It was only then that I truly realized that I was alone in my decision to allow Nathanos into the corps.

“I don’t see any other broken bowstrings there,” I bellowed. “Get back to practice!” As the remaining rangers hurriedly resumed their activity, I turned back to the young prince, who had a barely visible smirk on his face.

“Seeing that even the other rangers are none too pleased to be working alongside this human,” said the prince, with all his arrogant air, “I humbly propose that you relieve him of his position.”

“And I humbly refuse, your highness.”

The prince looked as though he had been slapped. “Surely there are quel’dorei who are more capable than–”

“There are but a scant few who are more capable than Nathanos Marris, your highness, and they’re all part of the corps.”

“Then as your prince, I order you to–”

By then I could feel my anger reaching its breaking point. “Even if you order me to do so, I will deny you. You shame your father’s name with your outright lack of tolerance toward other races, your highness.”

The prince opened his mouth, but appeared to think the better of it and shut it again. Then he nodded and left without another word.

A few days later, I received a formal letter “requesting” that Nathanos be removed from the corps. I immediately sent a response and awaited further arguments from Kael, but the issue was eventually dropped. I don’t know if my words had moved the prince, or if King Anasterian had said something to his son… but Kael matured over time and eventually learned to respect humans – even going so far as to fall in love with one. Regardless, Nathanos remained with us, eventually gaining the respect of most of his comrades and becoming the first – and last – human ranger lord.

The Lady’s been up to no good these days

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Remember when I said that I wouldn’t drink to the point of getting drunk, and when I said that I wouldn’t be getting a Twitter account? I apparently lied on both counts. I now have a Twitter account and a nasty headache acquired through drinking my ass off (….among other things…) with Halduron at Silvermoon City. Lor’themar was supposed to join us, but I think he was too tired and fell asleep in the other room.

I couldn’t help but seek the company of friends and booze when I saw yet another strange piece of fanart involving me and the WRONG guy: Sylvanas and Illidan. And then Lor’themar reminded me of rumors about me and Kael’thas, and about me and Nathanos. Can we stop pairing poor, single Sylvanas with guys she hates or doesn’t even know? I’m single by choice, children. That doesn’t give you the right to pair me with whomever you damn well please. Pairing me with Lor’themar, or Halduron…or maybe Sig Nicious…is quite welcome though.

Anyway, Thrall was kind enough to offer to have me picked up when I felt like heading back to Undercity this morning, but I found my way back on my own. Granted, I misstepped in the Undercity elevator and was in for a nasty fall, but I still managed to switch to incorporeal form right before I hit the ground. I’m now safely ensconced in my chambers in the Royal Quarter with a warm cup of black coffee. Nathanos burst into my chambers a while ago and yelled at me for being out so late without letting anyone in Undercity know where I was. Perhaps he was just asking the wrong people, but I did post about it on Twitter and warned Sharlindra I’d be out in Silvermoon. It was pleasant to know that Nathanos still had enough heart to care about me, but I eventually got fed up and yelled right back at him.

Note: Getting yelled at by a banshee is dangerous to your ears.

Nathanos is deaf at the moment, but I didn’t do any permanent damage. Yelling is different from screaming after all. I had him tucked away somewhere hidden for now; I can’t be having him wandering around when he can’t hear a single damned thing. The Alliance has a huge bounty on his head, and I won’t risk them taking advantage of his handicap.

I’m getting more and more dependent on friends (new and old) these days, even if I have berated them in the past. I hope I’m not going soft.

36 Sylvanas Windrunners and counting

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Posting two blog entries in one day is very uncharacteristic of me, but my shock upon searching my name on Facebook requires it.

There are – count them – 36 people named Sylvanas Windrunner on Facebook (the search results yielded 45 people, but only 36 are actually named Sylvanas Windrunner).

I don’t know whether to be flattered or afraid. I should be used to this by now since Googling my own name yields a lot of results, but the Facebook thing just really took me by surprise. I mean, 19 Cairne Bloodhoofs, 22 Kael’thas Sunstriders, 21 Jaina Proudmoores, 7 Varian Wrynns,  and only one Lor’themar Theron (is that even really you, Lor?)…but then again, there are more than 500 people results for Thrall and over 140 for Arthas Menethil (didn’t bother checking how many of those were actually named “Thrall” or “Arthas Menethil”), so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

That said, the slight inclination I had to sign up for a Facebook account just flew out the window and disappeared into the Plaguelands.

Job Opening: Majordomo

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(Since I’ve been getting quite a few hits on this blog lately, I thought I’d advertise a position that’s been open since Varimathras kicked the bucket.)


  • Acting as mediator between the Banshee Queen and her subjects
  • Managing/arranging various conferences, and audiences
  • Filing/signing paperwork
  • Participating in strategic meetings and providing solid, well-researched advice
  • Overseeing major projects within Undercity when the Banshee Queen is unavailable
  • Polishing the Banshee Queen’s boots when Nathanos Blightcaller is unavailable


  • Must be undead or willing to become undead
  • At least 5 years experience as a political/military leader or community manager
  • Some knowledge in the dark arts preferred
  • Impressive combat skills
  • Highly sociable and able to deal with people from various walks of life and unlife
  • A strong stomach for all things undead and putrid

If you meet the above requirements and believe that you will be able to fulfill the responsibilities listed, send an e-mail to with your cover letter and resume.